Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Romance Book Review: Three for the Rodeo

Author: Luxie Ryder
Series Connection: Midnight Cowboy 3
ISBN: 1-60601-470-6
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Western Romance/Menage a Trois


Luxie Ryder brings another fun read, made more enjoyable by the likeable characters. Not normally so brazen, one night Sadie decides she's had enough of her two best guy pals believing she's just a kid sister type. After a few too many beers she turns on the sex appeal. When she realizes she's gone a little to far, she decides to put on the breaks. That's all well and good, but her friends, Kyle and Gabe, decide that it is just not enough. In order to put their friendship back on track the three decide that an evening of some fun sex might do the trick. But one night is just not enough and soon Sadie realizes that she wants something more from one of the guys, but is it too late? This book has some hot and steamy sex scenes and some ever-loving rodeo fun.

Sadie wants to be just like the guys. She longs to join them in the rodeo ring, riding the broncos and bringing down steers. But her friends, Kyle and Gabe, have strong objections. Unable to understand why they refuse to help her, Sadie's frustration boils over, resulting in a wild night in the bar that forces them all to reassess their relationships with each other. Embarrassed by her behavior, Sadie is shocked to learn that rather than ruin the friendship, she has simply reignited the sexual interest they've had in her since the day she arrived in Hurley. 

Learning how to ride a bull is the last thing on her mind while she has her hands full with two sexy cowboys. She's determined not to let their relationship with her return to a platonic state.

One sassy woman. Two rugged cowboys. Three for the Rodeo!

About the author from the back of her book:
I live in a beautiful part of the Southwest of England with the husband I married on St. Valentine's Day this year and our dog. We have our own small business, which allows me to work from home and leaves plenty of free time for my hobbies. My first experience of writing was creating what is known as 'fan fiction' on the Internet forum of one of my favorite artists. Lots of my readers gave me really positive feedback and encouraged me to write more and take things further. Without them, I would never have had the confidence to submit a manuscript. I enjoy the process of writing and creating characters I would like to meet and situations I would love to be in.

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