Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Romance Book Review: Ask For It

Author: Gail Faulkner
ISBN: 9781419919138
Genre: Shapeshifter/Futuristic


Tor was devastated when Sahara, after saving her life and asking her to be his husband, chose his younger brother instead. Now a widow, Sahara has finally come to Tor for help with a problem that only he can take care of. She needs a mate and he is her chosen one. The only problem is it isn't as easy as taking her to be his, as he has always wanted to.

Sahara isn't as human as everyone had taken her to be. She is a creature that was only thought to be a legend on the world Tor rules. Now dangers await his planet and it may be Sahara is the only one who can save them from complete destruction.

This is a strikingly original, well-plotted story that shapeshifter, as well as futuristic sci-fi fans will enjoy.

Five years ago Sahara refused Tor in favor of her late husband. Widow of a Leonor warrior, she is out of reach, even for the high king. Goddess help him, this woman strips his soul to the savage core, and enduring it is eating through his control. Little sister-in-law normally avoids him at all costs. Seeing her in line for an audience is a surprise. Not as humanoid as she looks, Sahara is out of time in a very intimate way.

Getting her beneath him now is a risk. Sahara summons the dominant lion within, but losing this woman a second time is not an option. The surrender he requires is the one thing she needs to give, and Tor realizes he had no idea what sexual hunger was before. Now he understands the violence of that distant age when her kind walked his world.

What he will not allow is for her sacrifice to be the blood price of peace. The future will be theirs, even if it's his blood purchasing it.

These Lions are big and dominant. They fight to kill and love 'til death. Nothing is taboo when it comes to their females and the pleasure these males take so much pride in providing.

About the author from her website:
Hello everyone. If you're reading this, I hope it means you enjoyed reading one of my books. If you have some other opinion of them, feel free to lie to me anyway. I hereby absolve you from all possible guilt and consequences for flagrant, adjective saturated lying to the author.

Full Ride was my first novel. I enjoyed writing it so much that I was compelled to write the sequel, Slip Knot immediately. That opened my brain and I've enjoyed seeing what falls out ever since. I could add something here about hearing the "voices", but well, you might beleive me and then you'll think I'm a nut. Even if it is true, I gotta act like it ain't!

I enjoyed college and graduate school, my degrees are Fine Art and a Masters in Visual Communication. If you are wondering what my visuals are like, the drawing on this website is one of mine. I have always enjoyed steamy tension. Writing simply allows me to tell the whole story instead of a frozen moment in it.

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