Friday, May 1, 2009

Romance Book Review: Bain's Wolf

Just finished Bain's Wolf by Nathalie Gray. Not a new book, but one I've wanted to read for a while.

I'd give it YYYYY hands down.

Words I'd use to describe it: emotionally intense, dramatic, unforgettable, violent and highly erotic.

Book Description:
Erica Bain's one-pilot company recently celebrated its seventh anniversary flying Yukon's High North. Erica flies when no one else can, takes on clients no one else wants and lands her floatplane where no one else dares. But after she delivers wealthy hunters to their secluded lodge, an electrical fire forces her to make an emergency landing at a nearby weather station. Its lone occupant, a man notorious throughout the region for his "charming" personality, couldn't make her feel less welcome if he tried. Maybe crashing in the mountains wouldn't have been so bad after all.

Lothar's been around for six hundred and seventy years, ten months, twenty-five days and some change. But who's counting? His different careers have included prospector during the Gold Rush, reluctant medical aide to a charity group after his immigration to North America, courier during the Napoleonic War, popular man with the ladies of Vienna's aristocracy and brilliant physician. And before it all, back in his thirteenth century native Austria — a time he won't let himself forget — he used to be a sadistic monster.

He's never believed men like him should hope for a second chance. Until Erica lands on him — literally.

About the author from her Website:
Mother, spouse, older sister, writer, ex-soldier, high school drop-out, dog owner (or dog owned), half couch potato, half intermittent jogger, wannabe renovator and avid reader who watches too much television, sinks too much money in clothes, likes animals more than humans, recycles, wore braces, never downloads copyrighted stuff, was a nerd without the grades, has a belly laugh that turns heads in theaters, can't stand bullying, is mother hawk more than mother hen, votes even if candidates aren't that great and thinks formal education is highly overrated (probably because she has none).

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