Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Romance Byte: Forever Immortal

Author: J.K. Coi
Series Connection: Immortal Series, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-60202-122-8
Genre: Contemporary Urban Fantasy

Forever becomes a lot more complicated when you’re immortal...

Eight years ago, science and reason ruled Gideon Bennett’s life. Until the death of an Immortal triggered a physical transformation, forcing him out of the laboratory and into a world of violence for which he was ill prepared. Now a seasoned warrior, he is still haunted by his one massive failure—and the face of the woman he couldn’t save.

Lyssa James wasn’t looking for trouble when she set out to enjoy a night on the town away from her dead-end job and obnoxious ex-boyfriend. Instead she got a first-class ticket to a demon hell dimension where she was trapped for eight long years.

Now she’s finally escaped...only to run into the man who failed her. Neither of them are the same people they were eight years ago, but getting reacquainted is the least of their worries.
One of the nastiest demons from the Abyss is on the loose, and it threatens not only their lives…but the future of humanity.

Warning: This title contains edge-of-your seat action, steamy sex, extreme emotional roller coasters, hot immortal warriors fighting to save humanity, and a woman who walks a thin line between good and evil.

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