Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Romance Book Review: Hungry Like The Wolf

Author: Violet Summers
ISBN: 978-1-59578-503-9
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shapeshifter


The werewolves in Nigel's pack have a problem. There are only so many females to go around. Pack law has the male wolves competing for the females in a Mating Run. As a pack enforcer it is Nigel's job to watch over one of the females who will be participating in the Mating Run. The only problem is the female is the one woman that Nigel wants for his own mate and he isn't going to get to compete in the Mating Run this year.

Claire is a witch. One witch from Claire's coven every generation must participate in the Mating Run as part of a pack made between the witches and the wolves. Since Claire only has minimum powers she is required to be the token witch for her generation. She isn't happy about participating, but she is given no choice. To make matters worse she finds herself falling in love with her bodyguard, Nigel.

Rather than go against pack law, Nigel decides to leave the pack rather than sit by and watch the woman he loves mate with another. When tragedy leaves Claire without her mate, Nigel returns to try to win Claire's heart again.

Hungry Like The Wolf is a story of two very loyal individuals who are forced into doing what they must for their families. I liked both Claire and Nigel's strong characters. The story line was well written and interesting. Great, hot love scenes.

Claire knew it was her duty to serve her Coven by participating in the local Shifter Pack’s annual Mating Run, but just when she’d resigned herself to that duty the unthinkable happened: she fell in love.

Nigel knew it was his duty to protect Claire and keep her safe from over-eager Wolves until the Run, but over the long weeks of guarding her body the unthinkable happened: he began to want her body for his own.

Caught in a trap of family duty and desire, Nigel and Claire must decide what’s really worth fighting for and all the while they’re Hungry… Like the Wolf.

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