Monday, September 28, 2009

Romance Book Review: Shifting Winds

Author: Mara Lee
Series Connection: Danny Lee
ISBN 978-1-59578-523-7
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shifter/ Vampire/ Demons and Devils/ Witches


This is definitely one of those books that require a little background in the story in order to read it. It is the fourth in the continual Danny Lee series and it takes reading all the books to keep up with what is going on the story, which is a lot.

Danny Lee is a magi-wolf, which essentially means that she is a wolf shifter with a lot of extras. During the series readers learn that Danny has way too much of everything going on in her life. She especially has way to many men. For one, there is Savior, a master vampire who is completely enthralled with her. Over the series Danny has fallen in love with Savior, even though that isn't such a popular idea among the wolf kind.

There is also Asmodai, the devil prince. While he is beautiful and incredibly sexy, in the case of Shifting Winds, Danny is pretty much lucky that he can't leave the depths of hell at this point and time. Asmodai's father, however, is a problem. He is using Danny to find the best mates for his other sons. Danny had reluctantly, literally, made a bargain with the devil in one of the previous books and now she has to find a way to save her friends before they are kidnapped by the devil.

The other man in her life is the Alpha of her pack, Alexander. Alex has wanted Danny through out the series, but she has been able to pretty much withstand his advances. Now Alex is in grave danger of losing to his beast and Danny finds that the only way to save him is to mate with him. She hates the idea because it is just another example of how she is losing her free will, something she has worked very had to keep throughout her life.

The woman that raised Danny, the Grand Dame, tells her she needs to mate with Alex, but as usual the Grand Dame is keeping secrets. After saving Alex, Danny is sucked deeper into the pack. She finds herself with more and more responsibilities with her only calm in the storm being Savior.

This is a very complex story with Danny Lee being a very complex character. I literally saw no place in the book where Danny had room to sleep. With the complicated arrogant, strong-willed men in her life, how did she have time to sleep anyway.

I like these kinds of books, but they aren't for everyone. It is important while reading that you pay close attention to all of the details because you might miss something important. Paranormal fans will appreciate Mara Lee's imagination as they read through the series. She has something for everyone, and since we are eagerly waiting for book five in the series, who knows what other paranormals she may pull out of the wood work.

Life will never be the same ... and everything has a price...
Danny Lee has been to the Otherworlds. She has been to Hell, and she has seen the resting place of shadows and mist. She has kissed the flames, tasted the fire and has sat at the right hand of the dark. Danny knows nightmares, and fights them daily, but nothing could have prepared her for the storm which is about to take over her life.
Great change has come to the Pack, and at the center of the vortex stands Danny Lee, Roit, magi, and woman extraordinaire. Time stands still for no one, not even the resistant wolf. And Danny is learning that destiny, tired of waiting for her, has come to her door prepared to collect its due.

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