Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Romance Book Review: McKnight in Shining Armor

Author: Tami Hoag
ISBN-13: 978-0553593112
Genre: Romance
Re-release: September 29, 2009


Whenever one of these older re-releases comes out I feel compelled to remind readers that this is a book that the author wrote years ago, so don't get your expectations up too high. Although I enjoyed Tami's earlier romance novels, she was just feeling her way in the write world, by today's standard of her writing ability this books is child's play.

With that in mind I would still give this books high marks for creativity. While the struggling single mother of today might not be a wild animal tamer, because that would be so politically incorrect, she would probably be working hard creating software or working at a high tech company. The premise behind the book is still the same. Men may say they want a more liberated woman, but in today's world there are still men like Alec who want to take care of a woman and give her everything he can. And in today's romance we still want a happy ending. All and all this is a cute quick story about a harassed single mother with two kids and a charming hero who wants to swoop in and safe the day.

For those readers who are new to Tami Hoag's books, whatever you do don't judge the author by this book or any other of the newly re-releases of her earlier novels. Tami is an exceptional storyteller with several fabulous suspense and mystery novels she has written in recent years.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag tells a story of romance on the rebound in this classic novel about a woman torn between the demands of her career and the desires her new love has awoken within her. When did love get so complicated? That's the question Kelsie Connors keeps asking herself. Stung by a bitter divorce, Kelsie's been married to her job as a high-end animal wrangler ever since. So when her disastrous first encounter with advertising executive Alexander McKnight--a man so gallant he'll overlook the destruction of his office by an out-of-control chimpanzee--blossoms into romance, she finds herself in uncharted waters. She certainly never expected to fall for a man this charming, this flawless, this quickly. For Alec, Kelsie's devotion to her career is the only thing keeping her from saying yes to the best business proposition of all: a new relationship. He'll try every trick in his arsenal to get her to put down the phone, set aside her calendar, and let him care for her and her two children. But with only so many hours in the day, can she set aside enough time to learn to love again?

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