Friday, September 25, 2009

Romance Book Review: Sweet Dreams

Author: Jenny Penn
Series Connection: The Cowboys' Curse 1
ISBN: 1-60601-378-5
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/ Western/ Cowboy


The idea behind this book series is fun and interesting. A woman, the Baxter brothers believes to be a witch puts a curse on each of them, because the oldest brother, Mike, broke her sisters heart. At first not believing the witch, the brothers laugh her off, until the next morning the two youngest brothers wake up to be two inches tall. Now the brothers have to work to find a cure for the curse or forever be small.

Finding someone who could help, they are told that they have to find their soul mate and they have to fall in love before they can become the size they once were.

Twins Shawn and Trent don't have any idea how they are going to find a woman, much less get her to fall in love with them when they are two inches tall. That is until they meet Peter, but is the fairy the answer to lifting the Baxter curse or just making their curse worse?

Of the two Shawn is the nice guy. Trent is the "love-them-and-leave-them" type. While I liked Shawn I didn't find that Trent had any real redeeming qualities. Other than that the story was cute and at time down right funny. This book is filled with hot explosive sex scenes, so have your fans ready ladies.

Shawn and Trent Baxter have a problem. They need a woman. Not just any woman--their soul mate. They'll do just about anything to get her.

Anna May might be just the woman the Baxter twins are looking for, but she isn't about to let two arrogant cowboys just walk into her life and take over, soul mates or not.

Passions flare and tempers ignite when these three collide. When the dust settles will Shawn and Trent be able to convince Anna May to take a chance on love or will they lose it all?

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