Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Romance Book Review: Pocket Pair

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Book three in the Poker Night Series
ISBN 978-1-907010-76-7
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M/M/ Inter-racial


The Poker Night series is about a group of gay friends who get together once a week to play poker. The friends each have their own stories and dramas going on in their lives. In Pocket Pair Trey Huggins is a lonely school teacher who decides use an online dating service to find love. Unfortunately, the experience leaves him in the hospital after he finally meets the man he's been corresponding with and is nearly killed.

Now recuperating at his poker friend Bobby's house, Trey has trouble dealing with the shame of letting the man who nearly killed him in his home.

Cole Harding is the principal at the school where Trey teaches. After hearing that Trey has been hurt, Cole wants to run to his side, but propriety won't let him do that. If anyone knew that he lusted after the young teacher he would lose his job. Not wanting to rock the boat, he doesn't do anything until Trey calls him. While the two men begin to spend time together and fall in love, the man who attacked Trey is caught and put on trail. Can Trey deal with the abuse of his past and dedicate himself to a relationship with Cole? And will Cole have to make the ultimate decision between his job or the man he is falling in love with?

Carol Lynne continues to be one of my favorite writers in this genre. Her books are always ripe with emotion and strong lines. Pocket Pair is no different. The emotional story of two men struggling to find love in a society where they are outcasts is heart warming. The friends they have pulled together in the Poker Nights series make a wonderful assortment of supporting characters. Definitely worth the read for those in this who like this genre.

For three years, Trey Huggins has watched and wanted Principal Cole Harding. As a teacher in the high school where they both work, Trey knows it’ll never happen. Even if Cole was gay, he’d never go for a guy like Trey.

Seeking love in other places, Trey meets a man online and finally agrees to a drink. What he gets instead is a trip to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. With the school year swiftly approaching, Trey fights to overcome his physical limitations as well as his constant fear.

For twenty-five years, Cole has managed to keep his private life separate from his job. Extending a helping hand to a colleague shouldn’t be a big deal, but the feelings Trey invokes in Cole are anything but professional.

Can the teacher tutor the principal in love, or will class be out for these two before the school year even begins?

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