Friday, September 18, 2009

RomVets features members of the military, current and past, that now write romance

Along my travels on the World Wide Web I found this website that features a ring of romance writers who are either currently in the military or former military members who have now turned to romance writing. Their web address is:

Here is their blurb from their site:
"Romvets was organized when a handful of former military women got together for a drink at the Romantic Times convention in St. Louis in 2002. Since then our ranks have grown to include more than a hundred veterans and active duty women involved the creative process.

We thoroughly enjoy sharing our experiences both in and out of uniform with our sisters-in-arms -- probably because we understand where we’re all coming from. We also support a number of military causes."

Some of familiar members include:
Lindsey McKenna
Cindy Dees
Merline Lovelace
Diana Cosby
Ann Ferguson (aka: J.A. Ferguson and Jocelyn Kelley)
Susan Grant
Ashley Ladd (aka: Elaine Hopper)
The list goes on.

In September look for these titles from the RomVets:
Cindy Dees—THE AVENGER Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Cindy Dees—THE SLAYER (RomVets Time Raiders #2) Silhouette Nocturne
Elle James—AN UNEXPECTED CLUE Harlequin Intrigue
Terry Spear —TO TEMPT THE WOLF Sourcebooks

And in October:
PC Cast—THE AVENGER (RomVets Time Raiders #3) Silhouette Nocturne
Jo Ann Ferguson—GENTLEMAN'S MASTER (Priscilla Flanders # 7) ImaJinn Forever Regency
Delores Fossen—CHRISTMAS GUARDIAN Harlequin Intrigue

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