Saturday, September 19, 2009

Textnovel offers cellphone serial books

Serial romance novel and cellphone fans might be interested in checking out this Web site where they can download books directly onto their cellphones. The site: offers several romance genres including paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary, futuristic, high fantasy, historical and suspense. There are also several other genres available like autobiography, general fiction, horror and even graphic novels and manga. The site works on a subscription basis.

For authors the site offers a great way to get your work previewed. Books can be critiqued by readers so that authors will have a chance to see what the market thinks about their book.

About TextNovel from their website:

Textnovel is a social network for authors and readers of serial fiction and the first English language cell phone novel website, allowing members to write and read fiction with their cellphones or computers, using text messaging, email and online tools. Textnovel runs contests for fiction writers, allowing them to demonstrate the market potential of their work through its unique serial publication and voting format. was founded by Stan Soper, who offers literary agency services to aspiring writers.

Mr. Soper specializes in representing authors of young adult, fantasy, science fiction and literary fiction. He recently assisted Saoirse Redgrave, the winner of the 2008 Textnovel Contest, in signing a three book deal with St. Martin's Press.

Submissions may be made by sending a synopsis and the first 50 pages of a manuscript (or hyperlink to a Textnovel story) to


  1. I think it's very exciting to have all these new possibilities opening up in publishing. The only drawback, if I'm to judge from the (virtual) piles of e-books I've read, is that quality can sometimes be atrocious. But it's a new thing, relative to traditional publishing at least, and I'm sure with enough time the kinks will be ironed out.

  2. I totally agree. There are some really bad books that can be published now that e-books are around. On the bright side though there are also a lot of really talented authors that are now getting a chance to get read. There are also some new authors that might not be up to publishing companies standards yet, but not bad at all. This will get them out to the readers with a chance to see what they can do and let them grow into the field.


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