Monday, October 19, 2009

Romance Book Review: Dreaming In Color

Author: Cameron Dane
ISBN: 978-1-59632-978-2
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Paranormal/ M/M


For two years Colin has been dreaming about a house and a man. He knows it is all in his head, but when he comes across a rundown version of the house in his dreams on a remote Fuji island, he knows he has to investigate.

Marek doesn't know what what to make of the man from his past who lands on his doorstep. He has came to this island to forget about partner who was murdered two years ago. When Colin tells Marek he is there because of a dream, Marek worries that Colin is out to exact revenge from their shared past.

When it become apparent that Colin is just what he seems to be, a man looking for answers about his dreams, Marek realizes that Colin doesn't know the secret that has haunted Marek for years and now it is too late to tell Colin without losing him. But will Marek lose him anyway when Colin finds out?

Cameron Dane has done a wonderful job with this emotionally charred novel of two men and how they deal with their individual homosexuality and their past. Marek has always been in the closet, keeping himself sheltered from harm and those, including his family members, who don't approve of his lifestyle. His relationships, even his relationship with his murdered lover, had always been in secret. He is a tortured soul that many times authors have a problem relaying with just words alone, but Cameron caught the essence of so well it made the book interesting and inspiring.

Colin is just the opposite of Marek in that he has lived through the worst that life could offer and pushed back to live a full life. After being nearly killed at the age of 17 he isn't afraid to put his neck out there and risk the hurt again. His strength of character is one of the best things about this book.

To top off an already interesting story is the mystery of Colin's dreams and what brought the two men together after all those years. The answers are worth the read.

Can a house possess a soul and want two men to fall in love?

The sight of the red door saves Colin Baxter in his dream, but very quickly a man appears and the dream becomes something of raw sexual need with a person Colin can’t identify. He just knows the man needs him, and Colin aches to heal his lover…even if the man doesn’t really exist.

Marek Donovan just wants to be left alone to lick his wounds and recover from a terrible loss. The rundown house in Fiji suits his minimal needs just fine. He doesn’t want to face the world again, and on a small, secluded island figures he’s safe from everyone and everything. Particularly guilt from his past.

Dreams of this nameless man and his house plague Colin for two years, but he’s come to care about his phantom lover so deeply he doesn’t want them to end. Then Colin visits Fiji and comes face-to-face with the house from his visions, prompting him to believe these dreams just might be his destiny.

Colin knocks on the door, determined to find answers.

He doesn’t expect the man who answers to be someone he already knows.

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