Monday, October 19, 2009

Romance Book Review: McShannon's Chance

Author: Jennie Marsland
ISBN: 978-1-877546-15-0
Genre: Western Romance/ Historical


After fighting in the Civil War, Trey McShannon moves to the west a purchases a plot of land to settle. Nearly five years later he is ready to bring a wife to his home. Looking for the right partner he contacts an agency to help him find a mail order bride.

Beth Underhill is looking for a new life. Her family came west years ago and moved to Denver. Coming from a family with money it was expected that she would marry a man with money and live the life of a pampered woman. When the war is over, she finds that her family didn't have the money they once had. When her heart is broken by the man she though she loved, she realizes the life that was expected of her, wasn't the life she wanted at all and set to find her own destiny.

When Trey first meets Beth as she gets off the stage coach in the small western town in the middle of no where he thinks he made the biggest mistake possible. She wasn't anyone's idea of a rancher's wife, but how could he deny that they had made a deal? This lady won't last in the wilds of the west, but Beth is just stubborn enough to give it her best shot.

McShannon’s Chance, while maybe is slow moving at times, is a sweet sensual romantic story of two people looking for a new start in life and willing to go to the ends of the world to build something together. The authors extensive detail of life in the old west brings the story to life. The strong characters keep the readers entertained until the end. The story reminds me a lot of the old western love stories.

Trey McShannon survived the carnage of the Civil War, only to discover that the deepest wounds are those to the heart. A traitor to his home state of Georgia, Trey has built a new life for himself in the untamed Colorado Territory. Now it’s time to find a wife to share the future he’s worked so hard for – but can he free himself from his past?

Beth Underhill is looking for choices. Needing to marry to escape being sent back East, she prefers Trey’s honest business proposal to false promises of love. Can a union between a man who isn’t sure he can still feel love, and a woman who doesn’t believe it exists, blossom into more than a marriage of convenience?

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