Monday, November 23, 2009

Romance Book Review: Dragon's Blood

Author: Brynn Paulin
Series Connection: Cruentus Dragons series
ISBN: 127-201-107-439-2
Genre: Paranormal romance/Dragons/Shapeshifters
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing


Dragon's Blood is the first in a new series by author Brynn Paulin about a race of dragon shifters at war with Djinn and Elvish. The two clans will do anything to defeat the Dragons, even try to kill as many of the Dragon mates as they can.

Janos is a dragon shifter and elder of the Cruentus clan. Riding on the subway in New York he finds a dragon mate in trouble and rescues her from a Djinn assassin. When he realizes the woman he saves is his mate he will do everything in his power to keep her from harm.

Scarlett is a pop-star in hiding. Several years ago she was attacked by the Djinn and nearly killed. Since then she has been running for her life with no real idea why she is being hunted. It isn't until she sees Janos turn into a dragon that she begins to see just what she's up against. Not really knowing who to trust, but feeling a pull of attraction to Janos she goes with him to get away from the Djinn. How long can she really trust that he is someone who isn't out to hurt her is something she questions and no matter how gorgeous he is, she needs to make her own way.

Dragon's Blood is a nice start to what appears to be a promising series. I found the concept interesting and the attraction between the two lead characters hot. As with many other first series books there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get a good read on the hero and heroine, because the author has to spend so much time telling the background of the story and other clan members, nevertheless I liked the writing and story characters. It should be interesting to read the next installment. The next book is Blood Bought.

For centuries, there have been legends of Vampires—the fault of one careless dragon. But humans only know part of the story. Walking amongst us are Dragons—Shape-shifters who feed on blood.

Reluctant Dragon Elder Janos Aventech’s vacation in New York is about to come to an abrupt end. Riding on the subway, he stumbles across a Dragon mate—one of the few human women with whom his people can unite and be truly happy. And his people’s enemies are out to get her. As his attraction to this woman grows, he knows he must find her mate and see her safely into that man’s arms. It’s destined. But as every minute passes in her company, Janos begins to see he’ll never willingly let her go, mate or not.

If only she were his mate…

On the subway, Scarlett couldn’t stop staring at him—then he turned crazy. When he essentially kidnaps her off the train, she knows she should be irate and terrified. Instead, she finds her initial attraction growing. But what’s all this stuff he’s spouting about mates and enemies? She only wants to return to her life, not get caught in the middle of a war. But it’s too late for that. She’s destined for a Dragon’s bed, and in Janos’ arms, she can only hope it’s his.

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