Monday, November 23, 2009

Romance Book Review: Two Pus One

Author: Brynn Paulin
Series Connection: A Hot for Teacher Tale
ISBN: 978-1-934992-67-8
Genre: Erotic Romance/ M/F/M Ménage
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing


Brynn Paulin turns up the heat for this short novella featuring a college math professor and two of her sexiest students. Briony Swift can't say she isn't attracted to both Leo and Nic, but what two of her students suggest when they enter her office just at the end of office hours is impossible. Even thinking about having an affair with a student just isn't worth the risk, much less two.

Can Nic and Leo convince their math professor that they are worth it and give in to a three way relationship?

Fun sexy tall that is sure to keep up the cold Fall evenings for those who like a lot of bedroom action with two hunky men.

College math teacher, Briony Swift, lives life on the straight and narrow. After all, one plus one always equals two. But when two of her adult male students visit her office one afternoon, she soon discovers that one plus two might be a new and better equation to explore...

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