Thursday, December 31, 2009

Romance Book Review: Bliss

Author: Madison Scott
Series Connection: Malone Brothers
ISBN 978-1-59578-636-4
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver


Lindy Bliss may have the name of a stripper, but she didn't think herself anything like one. All her life she was a tomboy. Now she worked in the man's world on construction, which meant she had to work hard and prove herself everyday. Having an attraction to her boss wasn't going to make her life any easier.

Ethan Malone couldn't keep his mind on his work. He wanted Lindy Bliss so bad he would accept just one weekend with her to work her out of his system so that he could get his mind back on the job. The only problem is one weekend isn't enough and he had no idea if he could convince Lindy to make it something more.

The best part of the novel is Lindy Bliss' character. She's fiesty and sassy and holds her own well enough through the whole story. She's the perfect match for Ethan. I would have loved the characters to be explored a whole lot more than they were. As it was the book pretty much was just a whole lot of great sex scenes and not much more.

Ethan Malone has had his fair share of women. Life is short and he damn sure plans to enjoy it. When Lindy Bliss starts work at Malone Constructions, he never expected to want her. She’s nothing like the women he usually brings to his bed. Immediately he’s drawn by her quality work on the job, and her sharp, sarcastic tongue. Of course, the way his name hugs Lindy’s breasts in her work shirt has a whole hell of a lot to do with it too. He needs to get the tomboy, with the stripper name out of her faded jeans and tool belt, so he can play with the feminine curves beneath.

Before he loses a finger or two because he’s distracted by his perpetual hard on, Ethan propositions Lindy for a no-holds-barred weekend of sexual pleasure. Once he has her under his roof and in his bed, he isn’t sure he wants to let her out again. Having Lindy beneath him is exactly what he thought it would be…pure Bliss.

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