Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Romance Book Review: Dakota Springs

Dakota Springs
Author: Leah Brooke

Series Connection: Dakota Heat
E-book ISBN: 1-60601-731-4
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand


It has been a while since I have given a book such a poor rating. I usually try to find some redeem qualities as I realize how hard it is for an author to put themselves out there with their imagination and talent, but this time I just can't recommend this book. I found the characters lacking so much. Lizzy is a woman who knew what she wanted at 18—Hayden and Chandler. They shot her down in the worst way sending her away and finally into another man's arms. Now she's back home a divorced mother and Hayden and Chandler have decided she was right all along and now want her for their own.

Lizzy doesn't come home without a few problems following her and she isn't all that sure she was right when she was 18. The story line is solid and would have been good except, again for the characters. Hayden is not a likable character at all and makes Lizzy just look very weak and whinny. She needs to put her foot down harder and get Hayden to wake up. No matter how much she loves these two men in the end, I give this relationship another month before it falls apart.

Now I don't want to discourage from getting one of Leah Brooke's books. She is a good writer and I have enjoyed her other books. I picked up two earlier editions of this series in a print book—2 for 1 book set. Books one and two were included. I like book 1 but book 2 was the best in the series that I read.

Dakota Ranch Crude
ISBN: 978-1606015254


In Dakota Ranch Crude, Sam is always helping her brother get out of trouble but he has finally found trouble that she might not be able to get out of. This time the trouble has landed her right smack in the middle of brothers Shayne and Jackson. Jackson is a sweet talking romeo who all the girls in town are after, but once he sets eyes on Sam he knows that she is the perfect woman for he and his rough brother Shayne to share. Shayne falls completely for Sam, but he's worried that he can't be the man she wants. He's nothing like his good looking brother. With the brothers' help Sam gets her brother out of trouble and she just might find the men she's always dreamed of for herself. Definitely this is a book to check out. Through Amazon you can get the two book set in print.

Dakota Springs
Elizabeth Reed returns to her hometown for a fresh start, but she wants to avoid the ranchers who broke her heart. Hayden and Chandler Scott regret turning Elizabeth away so many years ago, but she was too young. Now that she's back in Dakota Springs, they want a second chance to prove how much they've always loved her.

Dakota Ranch Crude
When Samantha Cross goes to her brother's employers to ask for help, she had no idea that it would change her life forever. To repay their debt, they both have to live and work at the Dakota Ranch for one year. Samantha has no option but to accept.

Her brother's employers, Shayne and Jackson Montgomery, are not what she expected. Jackson, the younger brother is too handsome and charming to resist, especially when he sets his sights on her. He wants her to share her life with not only him, but his older brother, Shayne.

She realizes that the only way is to show Shayne he's not the crude animal he's become convinced he is.

Shayne is hard headed and won't believe it, convinced that he would only hurt her. Can Samantha convince this tender giant that he and his brother are perfect for her?

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  1. Just finished Dakota Springs, it rocked! Love the series and love Leah!! Just can't get enough!!



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