Monday, January 18, 2010

Romance Book Review: Undercover Housewife

Author: J.J. Keller
ISBN: 978-1-61650-115-0
Genre: Contemporary/Mystery
Publisher: Lyrical Press


Nikki is upset to see her friends dying because of a tainted drug that has been going around the sex club her ex-husband secretly owns. She understands all too well the reasons why some women need to take the drug to help them forget the life their husband's are making them lead. So rather than sitting around and watch more people die she has decided to do something about it.

Nikki's shy and not usually as bold as she used to be, but she wants to change all that and make a difference.

Josh can't believe it when she see the woman of his dreams on the dance floor at the sex club he's working undercover in. Before she can ruin his cover he decides to go and get reacquainted. To make matters worse, she tells him that she is working to find a drug dealer that is selling the tainted drugs. There is no way he is going to let her get hurt and be any part of finding a drug dealer. There's just one problem. His boss likes the idea and he has a new partner to work with.

Undercover Housewife adds together a story filled with mistrust and a long time unrequited love and with a mystery case. Nikki is a woman coming to terms with her new life and finding that she really didn't like the woman she became. The hero, Josh, is finally fulfilling the dream of getting the woman he's wanted for over twenty years. Add to that the supporting cast of Josh's partner Calvin and his gay antics, and this book is a fine piece of entertainment.

Detective and housewife meet undercover for passion, danger and tainted ecstasy.

Her ex-husband is opening a sex club, her friends are dying after using ecstasy, and Nikki Yadon needs to take action and rediscover her self-worth. She’s got the courage to infiltrate the tainted drug nest, but she wasn’t expecting who she found there.

Detective Josh Cerberus promised to protect and serve, so he accepts the assignment to go undercover as a member of a gay couple and investigate the drug deaths. Now he has no choice but to let his old flame help out on the case.

A new blaze of passion is kindled in their hearts, but drugs, death and danger stalk the two of them, and mistrust may lead to tainted ecstasy.

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