Sunday, January 24, 2010

Romance Book Review: Forever Jade

Author: Shara Azod
Series Connection: The Chevalier Men
ISBN: 978-0557226085
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Suspense/ inter-racial

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Rance has wanted Jade for years, but he has stayed away because he didn't want her hurt by his evil grandmother. Now he can't wait any longer to be with her. He will do whatever it takes to protect her and make her his.

Jade has watched Rance from afar. She doesn't believe she has a chance with the handsome man, but a girl can dream. When Rance starts showing her that he wants more, she can't quite believe that he has anything other than protecting her in mind, but Rance shows her that it is much more than that. He wants forever.

I have a fondness for books that take place in New Orleans, my favorite city. I enjoy books where the author offers a handsome man with a Cajun accent who uses all the romantic French slang that only a real Cajun can do well. Shana does a great job of presenting the romance of the city and the sexy men we all would love to meet there.

This story is part of a series and I wish I had read the books before this one. I enjoyed this book with out reading the others, but I can see that it really is a must to get to know all the characters. I was a little disappointed in the mystery side of the book, as I like to figure out who is the culprit in the crimes committed and I found that there weren't enough clues to figure out the surprise ending. Other than that though, Shara Azod is a wonderful writer, painting a great picture for readers to follow and with very well done bedroom scenes.

I really fell in love with Rance. He's the type of strong, tortured character that you just want to take in your arms and make feel better after the all the wrongs that have been done to him by the evil grandmother.

Rance Chevalier had a lot to hide. But not even the darkness of his past can stop him from claiming the woman who set his body and soul on fire. He would fight his own past, the unseen threat to her life and even his own flesh and blood who thinks to take her for his own to make Jade forever his.

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