Sunday, January 24, 2010

Romance Book Review: Ian’s Way

Author: Reese Gabriel
ISBN 9781419923722
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Nikky and Ian haven't seen each other for ten years. Back in high school they used to be close friends, but after high school Ian disappeared from Nikky's life. At their ten year class reunion, Ian shows up and he isn't anything like the geek that popular cheerleader Nikky remembers.

Ian offers Nikky a night in bed that she won't forget, but for only one night. After thinking it over she decides to take him up on his offer, but is it for one night or can it be something more.

Cute reunion story a little lighter than Reese's usual submissive tales.

Nikky can’t wait for her high school reunion to end. That is, until she’s approached by a totally gorgeous man. The revamped version of her old friend, Ian the geek. The guy who had always been there for her when she needed…anything.

After a glass of wine, Ian makes his move, proposing that they spend the night together, no strings attached. He promises to please her as no man ever has, and Ian is a sexy, convincing man. From his first touch to their inevitable shared crescendo, it’s as though their bodies were made for each other.

Ian is shocked to wake in the middle of the night and find Nikky gone. Things go from bad to worse when he calls her, hoping to pick up where they left off. Wasn’t it supposed to be “no strings attached”? Nikky is going to need some convincing.

About the Author:
Reese Gabriel is a born romantic with a taste for the edgier side of love. Having traveled the world and sampled many of the finer things, Reese now enjoys the greater simplicities—barefoot walks by the ocean, kisses under moonlight and whispers of passion in the darkness with that one special person.

Preferring to remain behind the scenes, cherished by a precious few, Reese hopes to awaken in the lives of many the possibilities of true love through stories of far off places and enchanted lives.

For the sake of love and hope and imagination, these stories are told. May they be enjoyed as much in the reading as in the writing.

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