Sunday, March 21, 2010

Romance Book Review: Born To Be Wild

Author: Christine Warren
Series Connection: The Others
ISBN: 978-0-312-35719-1
Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter/ Romance/ Werelion
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks


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In her latest installment of her Others Series, Christine Warren turns her series to the town of Stone Creek, Oregon where most of the town is made up of Others. Members of the local wolf pack are turning up sick. This is leaving Josie Barrett confused because she had always thought that nothing as simple as a virus could cause harm to the local werewolf community. When Sheriff Eli Pace, who is a were-lion, brings in an injured and ill wolf Josie realizes right away this isn't an ordinary wolf, but a shifter and one that is very ill. When the wolf's mate shows up it isn't too long before he turns out to be ill as well and an epidemic starts.

It is up to Eli and Josie to figure out what is going on with the wolves and to stop it before it spreads through the Lupine community.

This is the first book by Christine Warren that I've read and I'm hooked. Josie is a wonderful character filled with wit and charm. Her strong will, along with her sweet nature pulls the reader in to see what the Veterinarian will say next. Eli is the perfect partner for Josie. He is strong and sexy, which doesn't hurt during so very hot bedroom scenes. He is an alpha male, who can't deny Josie anything. Of course if she gets hurt, he going to beat her butt until it's red.

The mystery to the story keeps readers guessing to the end to see if they can identify the mad scientist who has created the deadly virus. It is not necessary to read the other Others books before reading this one, although when your done you may decide to read the other books by Christine Warren.

Josie Barrett brings out the animal in men. Literally. As the local veterinarian in a town that’s approximately seventy percent Others—mostly shapeshifters—Josie deals with beastly situations all the time. It’s practically part of her job description. But when the werewolves of Stone Creek, Oregon, start turning downright feral, Josie smells a rat—among other, more dangerous critter.

Teaming up with the ferociously sexy Eli Pace, a full-time sheriff and part-time were-lion, Josie tries to contain the shapeshifting problem before it spreads like a virus. But when more shifters get infected—and stuck in their animal forms—the fur really begins to fly. Josie and Eli have to find the cause, fast, before the whole town goes to the dogs. But first, they have to wrestle with a few animal urges of their own.

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