Sunday, March 21, 2010

Romance Book Review: Kaydana and The Dragon Prince

Author: Nyki Blatchley
Series Connection: Kaydana
ISBN: 978-1-61650-133-4
Genre: Erotica/ Fantasy
Publisher: Lyrical Press



To give readers a taste of what to expect when they open the pages of Nyki Blatchley's latest in her Kaydana series here is the description in the front of the book read: "This title contains the following: explicit sex - mf, ff, fff, graphic language, sub/dom, human/shapeshifter sex." All that is a short novella. Obviously if you enjoy quick read erotic romance this will be a book you'll enjoy.

The series features, Kaydana, a sorceress moving from place to place and coming into contact with a variety of people and situations. In Kaydana and the Dragon Prince, Kaydana is walking through a city one day when the people learn that their Princess has been kidnapped by a dragon. A fierce female warrior comes forward when all the other warrior refuse and says she will rescue the princess.

Teaming up with warrior, Kaydana goes on a journey to help find the missing princess. Finding the dragons who took the princess, Kaydana meets the dragon prince and falls in love with him, but can she stay with him and leave the human world?

For those looking for a fantasy erotic romance this book has a little of everything.
Nyki Blatchley knows her craft and does a descent job putting a story together. I would have wished for a bit more embellishing on the plot and showing more of a relationship between the dragon price and Kaydana.

It takes a dragon to rescue a princess

After Princess Atto is kidnapped, the king offers her hand in marriage to the one who rescues her. Mercenary Tela needs the magical aid of sorceress Kaydana to help save her lover.

But when they find the dragon who kidnapped Atto, things take an unexpected turn. Kaydana is equal to most of the challenges she must face -- but how does she cope with being in love? l

About the Author from the back of her book:
I’ve enjoyed immensely writing this fourth story about Kaydana, and I’m sure that Kaydana
has enjoyed herself even more. When I started the series—it seems an impossibly long time ago now, although it’s only a couple of years—my idea was to write stories firmly within the sword & amp; sorcery tradition, but with the added element of thoroughly exploring the main character’s sexuality. In the early stories, it took Kaydana to some very dark places, but with this tale, as she gains more control of her desires, a lot more fun has crept in among the adventure and drama.

Kaydana and I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this book as we’ve had creating it.

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