Friday, March 19, 2010

Romance Book Review: I Love Rock N Roll

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Bodyguards in Love
ISBN: 978-0-85715-049-3
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Publisher: Total-E-Bound


When rock star Keifer/Jimmy starts getting threatening letters from an obsessed fan, Archer is sent to be his bodyguard. Although Archer is attracted to Keifer, he keeps his distance because he's had experience with long distance relationship before. With both his and Keifer's jobs, Archer knows there isn't a chance. He knows himself well enough and he can't just jump into a relationship without giving his heart.

As a rock star Keifer has kept his sexuality a secret for 15 years. Now he's decided it is time the world knew who he really is. Opening himself up to his new life, he hopes that he can draw the attention of the one man he is attracted to--Archer. First he has to break past the wall Archer has put around himself.

I Love Rock N Roll is the third in the Bodyguards in Love series. (A spin off of the Men in Love series). In this series Carol Lynne has added a little bit of suspense and mystery to her m/m romance love stories. Carol Lynne continues to show her understanding of the gay world and write sensitive interesting stories on the subject.

Rock star, Keifer Zane’s homosexuality was leaked to the tabloids by ‘inside sources’. With the news of his sexual preference came threats and love-sick stalkers. In need of a bodyguard, Keifer’s manager hires Archer Adams, a man that is anything but a rock fan.

Archer enjoys the quiet life. Relaxing at his dessert home and listening to the blues are his idea of heaven. Traveling around the country on a bus, pretending to be a rock stars boy-toy, hell. Despite the loud music and long hours on the road, Archer actually likes Keifer. When disturbing gifts begin showing up in Keifer’s private spaces, Archer’s protective instincts kick in.

With their lives being played out in front of thousands of screaming fans, will the bodyguard and the rock star be able to see beyond the limelight to what is real?

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