Saturday, March 13, 2010

Romance Book Review: Lake Magic

Author: Kimberly Fisk
ISBN-13: 978-0425232026
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Berkley


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In her debut novel, Lake Magic, Kimberly Fisk brings readers a sweet romance about two wonderful characters. Jenny is a young woman who is struggling to make a success of her dead fiancé's business dream and failing miserably. Jared enters her life and turns her world upside down. She never expected to like the arrogant man, much less, fall in love with him.

Jared has one goal in mind when he meets Jenny. He wants to get the money she and her fiancé borrowed off him to get their business started. He will do anything to get it. He knows she can get her hands on the money, she's just too stubborn to ask for it.

Throughout the story, readers get to learn about Jenny and Jared's lives and the traumas that have made them both weary of getting involved in each other's lives. As well as meet Jenny's family filled with over achievers. The third person story is told from Jenny, Jared and Jenny's sister Anna's point of view.

Kimberly Fisk has done a nice job at crafting her first published novel. Readers who enjoy sweet romance, who involves a story of family, arrogant men and nice a girl next door types this is a story to check out.

After the sudden loss of her fiancé, Steven, Jenny Beckinsale has more than a broken heart to deal with—she’s also facing too many financial surprises over Blue Sky, the fledgling seaplane service she and Steven built. Too late she’s discovered Steven was in over his head, and deeply in debt to his best friend and fellow Navy pilot Jared Worth. The sexy, cynical Top Gun demands his money back now. He doesn’t care what will happen to Jenny or her small town dreams of success.

But Jenny has a few surprises of her own, including a way out of her predicament—she’ll force this steel-eyed flyboy into service for Blue Sky. It’s the only way Jared will ever see a dime. But as the summer fades, these two lost souls will discover they’re saving more than a business…they’re saving each other.

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