Thursday, April 15, 2010

Romance Book Review: Bitter Notes

Author: Sarah J. McNeal
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Amira Press


Ella is finding it hard to get on with her life after she is jilted on her wedding day two years before. Everyone is telling her to get on with her life, but all she can remember is the betrayal she feels at finding the man she loves in bed with a friend. One day driving across town she sees a beautiful piano outside on a lawn in front of a house. When she sees it again a week later she can't believe that someone would leave such an expensive and beautiful piano out against the elements. She goes to the front door of the house and confronts the owners. The owner tells her to mind her own business. The piano was his wife's and she left him for another man. He is going to leave the piano outside until it rots.

Distraught by the news, Ella calls her friend Nick. Nick repairs pianos. She asks him to talk the man into letting her purchase the piano. The man still refuses Nick. Nick has his own story. He has been in love with Ella since before she announced she was getting married, but he has never done anything about it, knowing that Ella is just not ready.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday Ella invites Nick to go home with her. She knows her family is worried about her and asks him to pretend they are getting married so that they won't hassle her during her visit. Nick agrees, but only because he sees this as his chance to finally get Ella to see that they can have a great life together.

Bitter Note is really pretty much a bitter story. I like the authors style and writing ability, but frankly I was ready to put the book down in the middle. It was a wonder that  Nick stayed around for as long as he did, most men wouldn't have bothered for so long.  For those who are looking for a highly emotional story about a woman who has serious trust issues and a very patient man with a sexy foreign accent this is pretty much a well written piece.

Left at the altar humiliated and broken, Ella has vowed never to open her heart again. Nickoli has loved her for years, but she sees him as only a friend. How can an abandoned piano heal a broken heart and make it sing again?

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