Friday, April 16, 2010

Romance Book Review: A Hero's Homecoming

Author: Laurie Paige
Series Connection: Montana Mavericks
ISBN: 9780373310388
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Western
Publisher: Silhouette

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It has been 25 years since Wayne Kincaid, aka J.D. Cade, has been back in Whitehorn. He hadn't planned to come to stay, but when he learns of the trouble that has been happening on the Kincaid Ranch he can't help but want to stick around and help any way he can. Not wanting to get wrapped up in the family he left long ago, Wayne come in under a fake name. Unfortunately it is taking a little longer than he thought to solve the mystery at the ranch. Now he's been here a year and ready to hit the road.

Dr. Carey Hall knows that J.D./Wayne isn't here to stay. She really knows better than to get involved with a drifter in any way, especially after the mess of a marriage she escaped from three years ago. She also has her five year old daughter to think about, but one touch of J.D.'s lips and she can't deny the attraction between them any more.

Can Carey and her daughter's love be enough to keep Wayne from his restless ways and having the drifter thinking of settling down for good?

Silhoutte is now re-releasing selection series of the Montana Maverick's popular series. This book is part of a series since 1998. The thing about series books is it is important to follow along and read everything in order, especially with the Montana Mavericks, because they follow a mystery. Some people don't like to stay that dedicated to a series.

I happen to like it. The Montana Mavericks is one of the best series available through Harlequin. A Hero's Homecoming is a little dated with some of the technology in the story even though it is only 12 years old, but still a great part of the series.

He was a loner, a drifter…and the only man who could save a little girl's life. But to do that J. D. Cade would have to reveal a secret he'd kept for over twenty-five years—the secret that he was still alive.

J.D. certainly hadn't planned on staying in Whitehorn. But soon he was renewing old friendships—and forging a tempting new one. Vibrant and tender, Dr. Carey Hall didn't know who J.D. was, but she seemed ready to care for him. What would happen when she discovered J.D. was really Whitehorn's nearly forgotten golden boy—and she'd fallen prey to another Kincaid?

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