Monday, April 12, 2010

Romance Book Review: Letter to a Lonesome Cowboy

Author: Jackie Merritt
Series Connection: Montana Mavericks
ISBN: 9780373310357
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance/ Western Romance
Publisher: Silhouette Books

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Over the past few months, Silhouette has been releasing several of the former Montana Maverick series books from the late 90s. The Montana Mavericks has been a very popular series for the book publishing company, written by various authors, offering a look at life in the Big Sky County. This set of stories revolve around the Kincade Ranch and all of the misfortunes to hit the Kincade family. The entire family is killed, excepts for one tiny baby, by a woman who had hoped to gain the fortune for herself. She is finally found and put in jail for her actions.

But life on the Ranch doesn't go back to normal after she's gone. Someone is still causing trouble at the ranch and it is up to Rand Harding as forman of the ranch to figure out what is going on. In Letter to a Lonesome Cowboy, readers get to meet Rand. After reading a magazine ad that has lonely men looking for wives, Rand can't help but wonder if those men are on to something. On a whim he writes his own ad.

Back in Baltimore a young boy, Mack Paxton, reads the ad. Mack has always secretly wanted to work on a ranch. His parent are dead and he's living with his unmarried sister. If he can somehow get the rancher and his sister together he can have his dream and his sister can have someone to take care of her. So the scheme begins.

The rest of the story has Mack heading to Montana after his sister, Suzanne, yells at him for writing to a stranger in her name. Taking off after him, Suzanne arrives at the Kincade ranch just in time for a terrible snow storm hits and is standed on the ranch wit Mack, Rand and a bunch of cowhands.

There are strange happenings going on that Suzanne doesn't know about. Since Rand wants Suzanne to stay he has to make sure she stays safe and sound. The mystery of who is reaking havoc at the ranch continues throughout the story and the series.

Series romance isn't for everyone. It is kind of like a continuing soap opera. Each book tells the story of a new couple while the underlying mystery is presented in pieces until the end of the series when the mystery is explained. I actually am a great fan of series and love to catch each book in order so I can continue to find the clues. For those who like series romance like this the Montana Mavericks is one of the best series that has been written. There are several mysteries that go one throughout the longlived series. For those who are fans of the series this is the chance to go back and find some copies that haven't been around for a while. On the side bar of this site is a list of the Montana Mavericks that Silhouette is currently putting out. Some can be found on their site and at used bookstore.

The ad said rancher Rand Harding—a real, live cowboy!—wanted a wife. So orphaned city kid Mack Paxton began planning. He'd pen a gushy letter. Enclose a pin-up picture. Forge his big sister's signature. And presto! Mack would have it nailed: a mail-order marriage for Suzanne and a happily-ever-after home on the range.

Trouble was, Mack's mischief caused surprising friction between rugged Rand and stubborn Suzanne.

So Mack aimed to fan those flames and start the home fires burning!

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