Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Romance Book Review: Falling Fast

Author: Cerise DeLand
ISBN: 978-1-60735-122-1
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ Western-Cowboy
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC

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Sorry for not showing the cover of this book, but while I liked the cover it was a little too much for this site. You can find it by clicking the link above.

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When Shana was new at her career as a reporter she wrote a story that she thought ruined the career of Bronc rider Kade. When the new rodeo that Kade works for enlists the help of the PR firm she is now working for to come up with a promotional campaign. She decides this is her chance to make it up to the man who has filled her sexual fantasies for years.

This is one of those stories that while it is short and is filled with many erotic scenes it also relates an appealing story from Shana's point of view as she struggles with her guilt of what happened in the past and reconciling with the feelings she is developing for Kade now. Well written and plotted.

When Shana Carpenter meets Kade Stapleton years after she ruined his bronc busting career, she wants to make amends to him by building his reputation as a rodeo manager. But her plans go haywire when she faces him and is stunned by her irresistible desire for him. Making love to him often every day, though, cannot erase her guilt. And when she realizes she loves him, she finds herself with a bigger problem. Can she ever forgive herself for what she did? Can he ever forgive her? And can he ever wholly love her?

About the Author from the back of the book:
Cerise DeLand believes great romances match feisty women with one—or more—men who cannot live without them. And Cerise knows men—all types of them from living in Italy, England, Japan, New York, Washington—and wild west Texas! She blends that intimate knowledge with a passion for European and Chinese art and travel to delightful lands she loves to write about.
An award-winning author, Cerise has also penned 18 print romances and mysteries (under another name), many of which have been selections of The Doubleday Book Club and The Mystery Guild. And what does this prolific author do when she’s not writing? Ah. She is an excellent cook. To taste and prepare a few of her delicacies, do come to her blog, especially on Thursdays for her Afternoon Delights, elegant simple refreshments to serve after your rendezvous!

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