Saturday, July 24, 2010

Romance Book Review: Jager's Mate

Author: Marisa Chenery
Series Connection: Roxie's Protectors/ Wulf's Den
ISBN: 978-1-59578-718-7
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver

As the foretold one Roxie is in great danger of those who want to control her and gain control of all the wolf shifters. For thousands of years Jager and his brothers and sister in arms have trained to protect the foretold one.

The immediate threat to Roxie is a former protector. Miles is working to unite the lone wolves. Jager confronts one of those lone wolves in an alley late one night, but rather than take in the lone wolf, he finds something much more valuable in the alley that late evening.

Out on her regular nightly patrol, Daylen sees two men fighting with swords in a dark alley. As a cop who has seen nearly everything, this is a surprise to Daylen. Going to break up the fight she fearlessly goes into the alley on her own.

Jager's Mate is another in the short story series of Roxie's Protectors. The general theme of the story is predictible. Daylen is human and knows nothing of the Were world. She is thrown into the mix quickly when she is kidnapped to use as a pawn. I like Daylen's strong willed character and Jager, who is basically been rude and abnoxious in the previous books finally shows some other character traits. 

Daylen is a cop, and a good one. When she stumbles on two men sword fighting in an alley during one of her nightly patrols, she confronts them and orders them to put down their weapons. Ignoring her, one of the men takes off running faster than she's seen anyone move. With one man left, she knows she'll have to take him down when he ignores her demand that he lay his sword on the ground and slowly approaches her. Just before she can cuff him, he pins her to the alley and kisses her senseless.

Knowing the lady cop is his mate, Jager likes that she was able to get the drop on him. No wilting flower would ever survive as his mate. After tasting her lips for the first time, he knows it won't be easy to claim her as his. She may be a mortal and he a werewolf, but the bigger problem standing between them would be his having to stop Daylen from trying to arrest him whenever they meet. As their passion flares, he'll do anything it takes to make her his mate.

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