Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Romance Book Review: Picture This

Author: Cate Masters
ISBN: 9781926704371
Print ISBN: 9781926704456
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press

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Dedicated and intelligent reporter Sydney can't seem to forget her one night encounter with photojournalist Ben Taylor. He's been on her mind ever since his fiancee came to drag him out of the bar where he and Sydney had been getting to know each other.

Now a year later she finds that Ben is the new photographer at the same newspaper she works at and her editor keeps pairing the two of them together. It is the last thing Sydney wants, but as a professional journalist she has no choice to work with the man, even if he doesn't remember who she is.

This is a nicely written short novel, told in the third person from Sydney's perspective. The style gives an element of surprise in the story. The reader has no idea what Ben is thinking, only a few tidbits of reactions from Sydney's point of view.

As a journalist by profession, I enjoyed the realism with the way Cate Masters portrayed Sydney's job. So many times in books the journalist is the bad guy. When a journalist reveals an indiscretion it is treated like they are from so throw-away rag that is out to hurt everyone. Sydney character shows some real feelings about the stories she writes, just like a real journalist would. At least the journalist I know.

All and all the book is nicely done with a sweet romance, without the heavy setting of erotic scenes and frankly this book didn't need them.

A year ago, Ben Taylor’s kiss left reporter Sydney Welles stranded in Bad Date Hell. Now that he’s back, will she still want him once she learns his secret?

Newspaper reporter lands the biggest story of her career, and the photographer lands her.

Claudia pursed her lips. “Yes, I know. The thing is… how do I put this?”

Sydney tensed. Claudia wasn’t one to dance around a topic. Her style was more blunt – the resulting blunt force trauma notwithstanding. Something must be wrong. Terribly wrong.

She blanched. “Is he… “ Her voice trailed off. She couldn’t finish. Ben must be dead. Why else would her editor – her friend, her confidant, her mentor – be looking at her with such pity?

“He’s here.” Claudia watched her as if ready to catch her woozy body.

Those two short words snapped Sydney to attention. “Here?”


  1. Great review! Cate Masters has done it again!


  2. A great review! Cate Master has done it again!



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