Monday, July 5, 2010

Romance Book Review: Dark Reckoning

Author: J.E. Taylor
ISBN: 9781453664360
Genre: Horror/ Paranormal
Publisher: FIDO Publishing (        
Release date July 5, 2010

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Let me preface this by saying that this isn't my type of book, however it was a page turner. For those who like dark horror/ paranormal with scary scenes that run right along the sexy bedroom scenes this book is for you.

Beware though there is a gang rape scene and may not be suitable for readers who don't like violence in their romance.

Young FBI agent Steve has been sent undercover in a college fraternity house to see if their initiation practices might be the reason for a long standing set of disappearance during pledge week at the college.

The fraternaty's president sets Steve up with an old friend of Steve's. While he and Jennifer get to know each other again, the beginnings of pledge week starts and already two people are missing. What is really confusing to Steve is that Jennifer knows things about the murders and disappearances that no one should know about. Is she the one causing the disappearances or is she just one more victim in an evil monster's scheme.

A sadistic killer stalks the secluded college town of Brooksfield, New Hampshire.  With bodies piling up and rumors of the murders being a part of sacrificial hazing rituals, the FBI plants Special Agent Steve Williams in a fraternity at Brooksfield University.  His investigation takes a ninety degree turn into the bizarre when he’s introduced to Jennifer, a clairvoyant co-ed who swears the killer isn’t human.
Steve considers the plausibility of the extraordinary, the unspeakable, even the inconceivable when his notebook starts bleeding cryptic messages.  Messages that indicate Jennifer is at the heart of the darkness in Brooksfield.
When she describes her latest vision, a trail of violent deaths, including his, Steve asks the million-dollar question:
Is Jennifer trying to help . . . or is she actually the one responsible? 

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