Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Romance Book Review: Roxie's Protectors-Leif's Surrender

Author: Marisa Chenery
Series Connection: Roxie's Protectors
ISBN:  978-1-59578-772-9
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter/ Werewolf
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books

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In continuation of her Roxie's Protector series, Marisa Chenery tells brother-in-arms story Leif. In previous stories we learn that Roxie is the foretold one who would be stronger than all the werewolves and leader of all the packs. The Protectors have spent one thousand years training to be her protectors when she is found.

Leif has watched two of his brothers and his sister-in-arms find their mate. He long ago decided he would never claim his mate if he found her. He was too easily bored with the women he met in the past. Another couple of thousand years was too long to live without a mate.

That was before a simple trip to the grocery store to find Roxie some ice cream changed everything when the checker turned out to be his mate.

Jaden is alone in life. The only family she had, her mother, died years ago. She lives her quiet life as best she can with a low paying job. Leif wants to take her away from all that. She won't have to work at the job that she really doesn't like any more and she can move in with him and his family in a big mansion. If all that wasn't enough she truly had fallen for the handsome man.

But will she be able to live with who and what Leif is? Life is just full of surprises for Jaden.

Leif's Surrender is the third book in the Roxie's Protectors series and then their were five books in the Wulf's Den series that started the whole story line from the beginning. I like the series, but this book basically follows the same path as the two before it, including how the women in the Protectors series all come to the aide of their mates in the end.

Other than that this is a nicely written book with some really hot sex scenes and a great twist at the end leaving readers wondering where the author will take the characters on the next book.

Jaden notices the sexy hunk in her cashier’s line. But she knows, with her plain looks and glasses, he'd never notice her. So when he returns to the grocery store the next day and kisses her senseless in front of everyone, she can only hope she'll see him again.

Leif swears he will never be permanently mated, but when he feels his mate at a grocery store while buying pregnant Roxie ice cream, his world turns upside down. Drawn to his would-be mate, he finds fighting his mating urge is harder than he expects. If he can only hold out long enough to let nature run its course, he can get on with his life. But resisting her is impossible, and he needs to claim her as his.

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