Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Romance Book Review: Will of Steel

Author: Diana Palmer
Miniseries: The Men of Medicine Ridge

ISBN: 9780373730674
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Western
Publisher: Silhouette Desire

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There are two versions of this book available. One includes just Will of Steel. The other includes a bonus book, Reluctant Father, a previous book from Diana Palmer.

In Will of Steel we meet Chief of Police Theodore "Ted" Graves and Jillian "Jake" Sanders. Ted and Jake's uncles were partners and owned a beautiful piece of land. When the two died the uncles left a will that said that in order to keep from selling the land, Ted and Jake needed to marry.

Jake isn't all that sure that she is ready to get married. There is still something she hasn't told Ted about her past that makes her wonder if she is marriage material.

This book is basic formula for Diana Palmer, but for the difference that the hero isn't one of her insecure older men who has a problem with younger women or women in general. Ted and Jake have known each all Jake's life. He likes her as a person. In the beginning it isn't an undying passionate love, but it is a love that grows over time.

Ted is patient and waits for Jake to tell him her story, when she does he is kind and understanding. She's made mistakes in the past and he doesn't give her any insecure flack about it.

There is a little suspense added to the mix as Jake's past comes back to haunt them. All around a fairly good installment to the series. The only objection I had was there is a bit of too much what I call the author's chatter. Too much history and facts written in the dialog. One of the best books by the author in a while.

Follow New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer to Medicine Ridge, Montana, and meet Police Chief Theodore Graves—a man as rugged as the land he passionately wants to claim as his own. Only one thing stands in his way, a feisty woman who is prepared to meet his challenge. Sparks fly as they go toe-to-toe, but can the man with a will of steel finally learn what it means to bend?

Also available in some editions of this book:
Reluctant Father
Once shy, the now famous writer has returned home—and to the man who had cruelly pushed her away. But could their rekindled passion melt his heart of ice?


  1. I just finished "Will of Steel" by Diana Palmer. After reading several of her books, I was really questioning who really wrote this book. I think Diana Palmer is a good writer, so why did she put her name on this story. It was as if a struggling, young writer wrote this story. The story doesn't have the usual character depth, the script was from a grade "C" movie and I felt like it was written by someone who lived in a naive world or hasn't grown mentally as an adult. Parts of the story weren't realistic to me and I felt like the story flitted from one subject to another and only touched the surface of the characters. The premise of the story was okay, but I felt cheated at the end of the book. I am going to give the author another try in hopes this was a one time thing.

  2. You bring up an interesting point. I've heard of a lot of authors who have retired, but sold their name to use for up and coming authors. I haven't heard of that happening with Diana Palmer, but considering her age and reports of her failing health, that wouldn't be surprising.


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