Sunday, January 2, 2011

Romance Book Review: Whenever We Meet

Author: Cerise DeLand
ISBN: 9781419930065
Genre: Erotic Romace
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Short quick read featuring a young widow who finds herself attracted to an older man. She knows from past experience it isn't a good idea to get involved with him, but she can't help herself.

Stephen knows he wants Angela, but he also knows he can't push her, so he tells her whenever they meet she must do two things. 1) kiss him hello and 2) Kiss him goodbye. This goes along well for a while but Angela starts to want more, but knows she can't have an affair with Stephen.

He has an answer for that as well...

Good erotic read featuring BDSM and Dominance talk, but no real action.

Young widow Angela Reynolds doesn’t need a gorgeous older man pursuing her while she asserts her independence professionally and personally. But hotel magnate Stephen Montoya won’t permit this sweet, vibrant beauty to escape him. When he demands she kiss him each time she enters and leaves a room, the two of them discover that some passions cannot be denied—or tamed.

When Stephen asks her to marry him, Angela knows she wants his tantalizing body inside hers for heart-pounding intimacies she’s only imagined. But she’s unsure if she can surrender completely to this dominating man…or give up her newfound freedom.

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