Thursday, July 21, 2011

Romance Book Review: Something to Talk About

Author: M.J. Fredrick
Digital ISBN: 9781616502843

Genre: Romance/ Contemporary
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Here's the scoop—Ellie decides its time to leave her live-in boyfriend because she's not happy in her relationship. Since the boyfriend is the beloved high school coach the whole town gets upset at her. So upset that they boycott her family's restaurant.

Her long time friend and widower of her best friend, Noah, comes to her rescue. For the past several months the two have been getting closer, but Ellie never noticed the way he look at her until she left her former boyfriend. Now everyone is getting the wrong idea and giving her an even worse time.

Noah has just decided it is time to get over the death of his former wife. He's noticed Ellie, but since she was taken he never did anything about it. Now that they are both free he's decided he's going to take a chance. Well maybe...but first he needs to make sure he can really get involved like he wants.

Can the two stop letting everything outside of their relationship get in their way and fall in love?

Nicely written contemporary romance. I loved the fact that the author worked on the insecurities that this relationship would have on both the hero and the heroine. The hero clearly adored his wife before she died and has to come to grips with moving on. And then there's Ellie, whose character I just loved, has to figure out how she is ever going to fill the shoes of her best friend with the man who loves them both.

Taking chances is never easy--especially when the whole town is watching.

Ellie Morgan is trying to stay below the radar in a small town. Her break-up with her football coach boyfriend and growing interest in her best friend's  widower are grist to the local gossip mill. Her friendship with the local psychic and the return of her prodigal mother are the cherries on the cake.

Add a meddling preacher, a water-loving dog and a man trying to shake off his past, and Ellie's got more than enough on her plate in her quest for

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