Sunday, July 24, 2011

Romance Book Review: Winning Heart

Author: Laura Browning
Digital ISBN: 9781616502904

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Wynter is on her last bit of change when she makes her way to a ranch looking for work. She's worked as a stable hand before, but she knew there would be no letter of reference coming from her previous employer.

When the owner decides to higher her for the job she works hard so she can get into Duke University and follow her dream.

When the owner of the ranch, Nelson, hears where she was previously employed he decides to hire her. When he sees what a hard worker she is he begins to fall in love with her. But Nelson has a lot of problems himself, problems that he money can take away.

Just a year before Nelson's family is killed in a car crash caused by Wynter's former employers and he will do everything he has to to get revenge. That includes Wynter, but can he really go through with it when he gets to know the brilliant young woman?

Meanwhile this story also tells about the love story between Wynter's mother Irene and her longtime friend Wythe. Wythe has just been waiting for Irene to realize that he is more than just a friend. For ten years Irene has relied on Wythe for friendship and companionship, but never crossing the line to lover.

Wythe can't wait anymore as he sets out to show Irene that he can be the man for her.

This story is ripe with well developed characters. Both Wynter and Nelson are stubborn and determined individuals set out to keep their plans in order and to make sure their goals are reached. At some point this story is dark and not for the faint of heart, so if your looking for a fun loving romance this won't be one. However, you will find this book filled with strong descriptive scenes and packed with drama.

Can love beat a lust for revenge?

Nelson Anderson is one of the richest men in America, but his life has become a quagmire of bitterness and the need for revenge. Wynter O’Reilly is a gutsy girl determined to make her life better--and she just may be the tool Nelson needs. All she needs is a little polish.

To his surprise, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks helps heal emotional scars that all the money in the world can’t fix. But just when Nelson realizes that, his own plot for revenge may cost him not only Wynter’s love but her very life.

Warning: contains explicit sex, language and violence.

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