Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Romance Book Review: Cheri On Top

Author: Susan Donovan
ISBN-13: 978-0312536213
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: St. Martins Paperbacks

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The victim of the real estate market crash in Florida, Cheri heads home to small town North Carolina after a call from her aging grandfather. Her grandfather wants her to take over the family business, a failing newspaper.

Cheri so doesn't want to be there. Besides the fact that she really isn't a newspaper person, Cheri will have to work with her former brother-in-law, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, J.J.

Just when Cheri blows into town she happens upon the story of a lifetime for the newspaper in progress, from then on Cheri and J.J. work to keep the newspaper going, find out whose been embezzling from the paper and get the story on who killed the Lady in the Lake 40 years ago.

Cheri on Top features a strong female lead, as well as a slightly tarnished hero. The book is further enhanced by a good supporting cast that will more than likely become part of future books in this series. The story keeps readers interested, even though the old going home after failing, has been done over and over again. One special thumbs up goes to the unlikely character of a local squirrel, which certainly adds some time comic relief.

Cherise Newberry swore she'd never return to her North Carolina hometown, that she'd put her crazy family and all its drama behind her for good. But after she loses everything in the Florida real estate crash, her grandfather's offer to become publisher of their family-run daily newspaper sounds like a plan - even though it means she'll become the boss of her high school crush and former brother-in-law, J.J. DeCourcy. Little does she know the job will require her to save a failing business, investigate a tangled web of murder and deceit, and put her heart on the line.

Back of Book:
Sun-drenched beaches, designer-label clothes, drop-dead-gorgeous boy-toys…all paid for with a series of high-risk real estate deals. That’s the lifestyle Cherise Newberry and her BFF Candy enjoy after leaving rural North Carolina for Tampa—until the market tanks and they lose everything. Cheri is surviving on Ramen Noodles and temp jobs when she gets a call from home to come back and run the family’s small-town newspaper. Just one catch: She’ll become the boss of her high school crush—and former  brother-in-law—who might have the power to crush her all over again…

But Cheri is surprised to see how “bad boy” J.J. DeCourcy has grown into the hard-working and principled managing editor of The Bigler Bugle. Still, according to Cheri’s bitter sister, he’s not to be trusted. If Cheri’s going to co-exist at the with this sexier-than-ever man from her past, she needs to stay professional—and keep her distance —even though he sets her on fire. When they’re handed the biggest news story in the town’s history, Cheri must trust J.J., even it means putting her life in danger.…and her heart on the line.

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