Monday, August 29, 2011

Romance Book Review: Sand & Water

Author: Shae Connor
ISBN: 978-1-61372-091-2
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M/ Gay
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

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John has spent 5 years coming to the senseless death of his wife during childbirth. He lives on a small island where he raises his young daughter with the help of his aunt. He decides it is time to make some friends and get back into the world.

Taking his daughter to the park he meets a man who brings his nephew to the park at the same time and the two become instant friends. It isn't until a few days later that John realizes he's attracted to Bryan. It isn't unusual for John to be attracted to another man, but with all he has been through now he has to decide to take the next step. It seems that Byran hasn't had such an easy life either and he needs to make some decisions himself.

Well written contemporary love story featuring two fractured hearts still willing to take one last chance. This book is written in the third person and only in one person's point of view, which sometimes was a bit annoying because I kept wanting to here Bryan's point of view. He seemed like he had a great story to tells as he fought his own battles with the past and worked to move forward in the future. Otherwise not a bad story line with a lot of emotional drama.

Widower John McConnell gets along fine raising his daughter on Georgia’s Tybee Island, though he wouldn’t exactly say he’s happy. Haunted by the memory of his dead wife, John hasn’t considered dating again until he meets Bryan Simmons in the park. It isn’t long before John realizes that what he feels for Bryan could be something real, but how will he know he’s ready to move on?

As John soon discovers, Bryan carries some heavy emotional baggage of his own. With John’s help, Bryan starts to put his demons to rest, and together they lay the foundation for a relationship. It looks like they might finally leave their tragedies behind them—until John takes a misstep that could turn a magical night together into their last.

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