Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romance Book Review: C.L. McCullough's Song of Life

Author: C.L. McCullough
Digital ISBN: 9781616503482 

Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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For those who appreciate a little drama and suspense in their romance reading, C.L. McCullough's Song of Life would be a perfect choice for a weekend read. The love story features a younger man and a beautiful widow. The young man is dealing with a lot of issues he needs to overcome in his life.

When Sunny hired drifter, Cas, some of her friends were a little skeptical, but Cas quickly won them over with his hard work ethic and handsome looks. Sunny knew from the start that there was something about Cas that she recognized in him and he felt the same about her, but aside from being several years old then Cas he's on the run from something. Can she really trust her heart to him.

Cas decides he wants to "woo" Sunny. This is his first time at it, but he knows Sunny is worth all the trouble. In the meantime, Cas has to learn to find songs in his soul with a little help from a local priest and Sunny he just might do it.

Trouble is what lerks just around the corner, however, and the small town that Cas calls home will have to have a little faith in Cas to see him through.

When Sunny hired a handyman, the last thing she expected him to fix was her heart.

Sunny Douglas is running out of time. A widow buried in debt, she struggles to find the money to keep her Inn up and running. When drifter Cas Martin comes to town, Sunny finds he's just the handyman she needs. The problem is, soon she wants him for more than his handiness with a wrench. She doesn't want to be one of those women who tries to feel young by dating a younger man, but neither of them can fight the attraction.

Cas has spent his life under his father's tyrannical thumb. Now he's on the run, hiding from his father and trying to become his own man. In Nevis, Cas begins to think he can be happy. He has found a place that calls to him, a town that accepts him and a woman who loves him. Now if his past would quit haunting him...

Will he find the courage to defeat his father, bare his soul to the woman he loves and finally lay his ghosts to rest?

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