Sunday, February 5, 2012

Romance Book Review: Morgan Q. O'Reilly's Courage To Live

Author: Morgan Q. O'Reilly
Series Connection: Open Window
Digital ISBN: 9781616503505
Genre: Romance/Contemporary

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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One of the hardest styles there must be to write is in the first person. It is always the hardest for me to review because it isn't my favorite style to read, so please keep that in mind as you read on. 

The last time Candace saw he husband was the night her beat her up and walked out on her and her son six months ago. Since then she's been living with the fear and hostile stares of neighbor. On the verge of leaving him before he left her, Candace moves about her days split with hoping that he will turn up so she can get her divorce signed and worried that he'll either kill her or take her son from her.

In the meantime she meets the young Air Force fly boy who's just recently moved in next door who takes an interested in her and her son. Cayden is cute and is showering her with attention no matter how much she tries to push him away.

This is an emotionally gripping story about abuse, love and family. It is the second in Morgan Q. O'Reilly's Open Window series which follow the Shaughnessy family. A well written supporting cast fills out the story. The story takes place in the wilds of Alaska where there are some great descriptive verses that talk about the area around the Air Force Base outside of Anchorage.

She’s living in fear. He’s a born protector. There’s a missing man holding them apart.

Candace Cutler intended to leave her abusive husband, until he vanished one snowy Alaska night. She lives in a limbo of dread, wanting only to care for her son. And now a cocky young pilot has moved in next door.

Cayden Shaughnessy is a born protector. He doesn’t like the rumors about the guy who left a single mom and cute kid next door—and who’s he kidding? He finds the mom pretty adorable, too, in a hot, can’t-resist sort of way.

But Candace doesn’t have time for games. Too many loose ends leave her unsettled, and she can’t help expecting violence to step once more from the shadows...

WARNING: Contains two brief descriptions of violence; however, justice is served. Also contains hot loving, a Top Gun-worthy fly-by, sex and more sizzling Shaughnessys.

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