Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romance Book Review: Nora Robert's Bed of Roses

Author: Nora Roberts
Series Connection: Bride Quartet
ISBN: 978-0425230077
Genre: Contemporary series romance
Publisher: Berkley Trade

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Bed of Roses is the second in the Bride Quartet series and if you've been paying attention you might have noticed I've read these books out of order a bit. After finding the book, used on sale, I decided to check Bed of Roses and I'm glad I did.

Of all the series Bed of Roses is the most romantic so far. Emma is a bit of a romantic herself, and although Jack is a bit commitment phobic, he's not to far off from being a bit of a romantic himself.

As one of the Quartet, Emma takes care of the flowers in the wedding business with her best friends. She and Jack have been friends for years. There has been an attraction there, but since his best friend, Del, has basically warned Jack off any of the girls, he's kept away. Once the attraction gets a little much for both Emma and Jack decide to take a chance and start dating. Can the romance driven Emma and the commitment phobic Jack make a life together?

Not really an imaginative theme for this one, but I still like the characters of this series. Each character brings something to the cornerstone of the theme of the series. I like how she shows of a picture of the wedding planning business and describes the various process of putting wedding flowers together and making the perfect match with the bride and her wedding.

Love blossoms in the second novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Bride Quartet series. Florist Emma Grant is finding career success with her friends at their Vows wedding planning company, and her love life appears to be thriving. Though men swarm around her, she still hasn’t found Mr. Right. And the last place she’s looking is right under her nose.

But that’s right where Jack Cooke is. He’s so close to the women of Vows that he’s practically family. But the architect has begun to admit to himself that his feelings for Emma have developed into much more than friendship.

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