Saturday, April 7, 2012

Romance Book Review: Carol Lynne's Lessons Learned

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Campus Cravings
ISBN: 978-0-85715-841-3
Genre: Contemporary Gay Romance
Publisher: Total-e-bound

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Dane has loved his professor, Magnus, from a-far for years. When he is given a chance to fulfill a grant the professor is trying to get, he hopes that his own dreams can come true at the same time. Unfortunately, learning about Magnus' sexual desires could put a damper fulfilling Dane's own dreams of a future together between the two men.

Magnus has been attracted to Dane for a long time but he has two rules he doesn't get involved involved with students and he doesn't give let emotions get involved in his relationships. He decided a long time ago there was no such thing as the love that is found in Hollywood.

Dane has three weeks alone with Magnus to show him there is such a thing, but does Dane want to take the chance with his own heart.

This is the second in Campus Cravings series she Carol Lynne brought the book line back. Or number 14 in the whole series.

The book steps back away from the campus and follows the two main characters to a small island in Louisianna. The couple solve a mystery a long the way. A little different from the past books in the series, but keeps up with the serial characters, just not as much in previous books.

Book fourteen in the Campus Cravings Series

Graduate student, Dane Jefferson, believes the sun rises with Magnus Sofokleous. He would do anything for the chance to get closer to the sexy professor. Unfortunately, Magnus is so busy researching the past, he doesn’t take the time to live in the present.

One week before winter break, Magnus gratefully accepts a grant to further his research at Barrett House, a small plantation in Louisiana. With extenuating circumstances surrounding the grant, Magnus is forced to ask his assistant, Dane, to accompany him. Although Dane is qualified, the attraction Magnus feels for the younger man makes him uncomfortable.

Away from the rigors of academia, Magnus lets down his guard and quickly becomes sexually involved with Dane. In the past, Magnus used domination to protect himself against the weakness of love. When Dane doesn’t accept the Dominate/submissive relationship Magnus has used as a shield for years, he is forced to decide which is more important, the lifestyle or the man in his arms.

Reader Advisory: This story is best read in order of sequence as part of a series.

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