Friday, April 6, 2012

Romance Book Review: Nacomy Blue's Neil’s Fire

Author: Nacomy Blue
ISBN: 9781603107778
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Red Sage

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After coming home to her home island after leaving heartbroken four years ago, Safire finds she moves into the same apartment building as her ex-boyfriend. The same ex-boyfriend that cheated on her and broke her heart.

Neil can't believe that Safire is finally there in front of him. He made the biggest mistake in his life when he cheated on her four years ago and now he will try anything he can think of to get her back.

When a hurricane sets in, will Neil get the second chance he wants.

Sexy romance featuring a couple finding a way back to each other.

Under the St. Lucian sun, Fate throws Safire Robins and Neil Ryan back together after a painful breakup four years before. Moving into her new apartment, Safire is shocked to find out that Neil is her downstairs neighbor and is determined to ignore his presence despite the attraction that still stirs her heart and her pants. Neil, seeing the chance to win back the love of the woman his heart refuses to forget, is determined to snatch up the opportunity. As a terrible hurricane threatens the beautiful island the one-time lovers let passion reign with a force to rival that of the tropical storm. But as the storm clears and they both come to terms with the past, will their blooming relationship survive? Or crumble under the weight of past transgressions?

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