Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Romance Book Review: Cherie Nicholls' Leashed By A Wolf

Author: Cherie Nicholls
Series Connection: The Shifters of Hillside
ISBN 978-1-59578-897-9

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Shifter/ Werewolf
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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The first in this new series, Cherie Nicholls, offers a new werewolf series featuring a strong heroine, Laney, who has been attracted to hero, werewolf, Heath for years. She's finally decided it is time to show Heath what she is made of.

Dressing up one evening she sets out to seduce him and succeeds pretty well, but Heath is worried. He needs a female who can be an alpha to his pack and as a human Laney just doesn't have that ability. To top it off she has a family that is over protective of her.

Whatn he doesn't realize and what everyone tries to tell him is Laney is a lot stronger than she looks.

This looks like a promising series although the first book was somewhat predictable. It will be interesting to see where she goes with the characters of the Hillside pack.

Mechanic Laney St. Clair doesn’t want much in life. All she wants is to run her father’s garage as she sees fit, her brothers to stop treating her like she is still their baby sister, and for Heath Marsterson to realise that under all the grease and overalls she is a grown woman, ready, willing, and able to show him just how talented her hands can be.

Heath’s an alpha shifter who knows he needs a mate to help him rule. A strong woman who can stand with him and up to him when needed, a woman who can help keep his pack safe. What he doesn’t need is a fragile human whose family protects her as if she’s made of spun glass. No matter how persuasive little Laney-girl tries to be or how much he wants her, Heath knows she’ll never be strong enough to handle his true self no matter what she says, moans, screams…

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