Monday, August 27, 2012

Romance Book Review: Gabriella Edwards' Keira's Promise

Author: Gabriella Edwards
ISBN: 9781603108171
Genre: Erotic/ Contemporary/ Romantic/ Suspense
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

Keira watches her friend die a horrible death and decides that even though she usually isn't cut out for FBI deep cover work, she needs to avenge her friend. Finding her way into the local sex club isn't as hard as not falling for one of the customers. Can she find it within herself to keep her promise without falling for the suspects?

Haddon knows there's a story in the new hostess as the club that he wants to explore. He knows for sure she isn't exactly what she says she is and he isn't going to let the other slimes in the club get touch her. If he has to take matters in his own hands so be it.

Sexy, romantic suspense story featuring a hot good guy, and a determined FBI agents who knows how to get her man. 

Keira Jane Nesmith, a by-the-book FBI agent, never dreamed she’d be working a sex club to solve a friend’s murder. But she’s vowed nothing will stand in her way to get to the truth, not even the scorching attraction she has for Ryan Hargety. A man she must submit to while she investigates the club’s underground sex slave trade. A man she might have to take down to find justice for her friend. When a friend asks for help uncovering a human trafficking ring, Haddon Ryan is happy to pay back a favor. As Ryan Hargety, he doesn’t count on one of the sex club employees distracting him to the point of blowing his cool or his cover. But Haddon suspects the woman who submits to him isn’t who she says she is. When she proves too much to resist, he’s willing to play her game.


  1. Wow 5 stars!Thank you! I love your summary. It's better than the one I came up with.


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