Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romance Book Review: J. Paulette Forshey's The Estate

 Author: J. Paulette Forshey
Genre: Paranormal/ Fantasy/ Thriller
Publisher: Whisper Publishing

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Cuilean Kelley is an archaeology on a mission. At an estate sale he waits for the an item he cashed in all his worldly possessions for. While waiting her learns the strange history of the house and the items being auctioned.

Will Cuilean find the treasure he seeks?

A very short story, that is not your normal romance book. There are strange happenings going on inside this estate.

Night after night Cuilean Kelley's dreams are haunted by an exotic woman, leaving him alone each morning in sweat soaked sheets. When he travels to a tiny parish outside of Savanna hoping to find a rare set of books, he unearths not only the tomes, but discovers the woman of his dreams is real. Cuilean must use all his knowledge to free her from a spectral prison guarded by an ancient lost civilization. They key to her rescue is in the rare books located in a ghostly southern estate.

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