Saturday, October 27, 2012

Romance Book Review: Annmarie McKenna's Two Sighted

Author: Annmarie McKenna
Series Connection: The Strength of Three
ISBN: 1-59998-476-8
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

For so long Aislinn has been running from her ex. He's caught her before and she's gotten away. For the past six months she's been working for Kyle. Kyle has been attracted to Aislinn from the beginning, but knowing her past, he's kept his distance and waited her out. He's done waiting now. He wants her for himself and nothing is going to stop him. He isn't going to let the ex get in the way, or the fact that Aislinn has a premonition that someone is going to try and murder.

This is one I pulled out of the ebook file in my books file. It was one of the first books I read by Annmarie McKenna. I liked her work so much I went on to purchase more by her. I love the intensity she puts into the characters. Even though Aislinn are strong-willed and stubborn, she knows that Kyle is there to protect her and can accept his help without making her look weak. This book is available through Samhain and the Kindle.

Even with her shaky past" Aislinn can't help but to secretly want Kyle. When she witnesses his death in a vision" how can she tell him without giving away her secret or her lust?

Aislinn Campbell is a clairvoyant" the latest in a long line of first-born daughters to the previous first-born daughter. All of them have fiery red hair and a second sight. Hiding from her ex in the presence of a sexy ex-military millionaire seems the safest way to start over. Until she "sees" his death.

Kyle Turner III has been keeping a close eye on Aislinn. There's nothing he doesn't know about his personal assistant" including her secret and ugly past. He also wants her in his bed more than his next breath. When he receives an anonymous warning that something might happen at his annual Fourth of July bash" he doesn't take it lightly. He knows exactly who sent the warning and he knows she's being watched by her bastard of an ex.

After he's injured in an accident" Kyle isn't about to leave Aislinn unprotected for a second. He coaxes her into more than just tending to his wounds. Because making Aislinn believe in him and her together far outweighs anything her ex can dish out.

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