Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romance Book Review: Stormy Glenn's Picture Me Perfect

Author: Stormy Glenn
Series Connection: Sammy and Friends
ISBN: 978-1-60592-087-0
Genre: Contemporary/ Male-Male
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

When Troy Summers meets his partner's brother he knows right away he has met the man for him. When Nicky calls him looking for help he can't turn the man away. Promising to take things slow, Nicky and Troy embark on a their love story in secret while they get to know each other. 

Nicky's brother Jamie worries because trouble seems to follow his brother and it is certainly following Nicky now. Nicky's ex-boyfriend is still looking to hurt Nicky and it is going to take Troy, Jamie and Nicky to get out of this mess.

Good quick first book in a three book series. 

Troy Summers is a cop. He's recently been partnered with fellow police officer, Jamie Everson, and they get along great. He likes Jamie's brother, Nicky, even more. 

When Nicky gets beaten up by his ex-boyfriend and comes to him for help, Troy can't say no, not when it brings Nicky right into his arms. Even still, Troy wants to take things slow with Nicky. He knows they have a connection but he wants to build a relationship with him, even if it means hiding it from Nicky's brother and the rest of the world. 

But when Troy gets shot during a drug bust, all bets are off. Their secret relationship comes out. It not only lets everyone know that they've been living together, but brings Bruce back into the picture. Jamie and Troy have to work together to save not only Nicky but themselves but can they save Nicky in time or will Troy lose the most intriguing man he's ever met?

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