Sunday, November 18, 2012

Romance Book Review: Judy Mariott's Paranoral Siting Richmond, England

Author: Judy Mariott
Genre: Paranormal/ Romantic Suspense/ Mystery Suspense
Publisher: Whisper Publishing

Lovelle has run into a bit of bad luck on her farm for the past couple of years and she has to consider if she can keep up with the farm or sell. Just as she is experience yet another left of sheep on her farm she gets a new boarder. Jacob is a sexy new traveler to the area that Lovelle finds she's thinking about more than her problems.

Jacob is more than Lovelle knows. He's been sent to clean up an area of rogues for the organization he works for. By taking care of his problems is it possible he can take care of Lovelle's as well. 

Quick easy read featuring a sweet romance and a well written story line. The story develops quickly and builds offering good description of scenery and background for the mystery. 

When Jacob, a werewolf and an American agent for the, ‘Centre for World Wide Paranormal Sightings,’ arrives in England to investigate an increase in werewolf activities, he rents a room in the farmhouse of the beautiful Lovelle. He is intensely attracted to her but he knows she is forbidden fruit.
Immediately, Lovelle knows that Jacob is the man for her. But he is just ‘passing through’ and she does not need any further complications in her life.

It’s lust at first sight but both Lovelle and Jacob know that their desires cannot be indulged; Jacob must destroy the negative forces in the area and she has to save her family inheritance.

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