Friday, November 16, 2012

Romance Review: Tara Chevrestt's Style Me Sexy

Author: Tara Chevrestt
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Sweet Romance
Publisher: Whispers Publishing

Bridget has a blind date and she wants to look her best, even though she doesn't think she can every be really pretty. She goes to her favorite salon to find her normal stylist isn't available. She's dismayed to see the sexy stylist who is available to help her.

Javiar has seen Bridget come into the salon several times and can't stand the fact that the pretty woman doesn't realize just how attractive she is. If he does nothing this day he will make sure that Bridget leaves the salon seeing exactly how beautiful she is.

Short story featuring a sweet romance theme with a lesson in loving the person you are.

The Self-Conscious Lady

Meet Bridget. She's a sweetheart, but she's carrying some baggage: distrust of men and the fear that she's ugly. Can a male stylist help her in time for her big date?

Bridget isn't beautiful. At least she doesn't think so. Besides, her ex always told her she wasn't. And she believes him. So when an online romance leads to a blind date, she heads to the salon for a makeover stat.

She's dismayed to discover that her usual stylist isn't available, and she has no choice but to let a man do her hair. Nervousness turns into sexual awareness as the sexy Javier buries his fingers in her tresses.

Javier has been aware of the timid but kind woman for some time and vows to make her see that she's beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Will he succeed in keeping his own feelings at bay and style her sexy?

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